Working meeting regarding the justice reform in the Republic of Moldova, with the participation of national experts group and the Council of Europe's ad hoc working group

On April 28, 2020, under the auspices of the Ministry of Justice and the Secretariat of the Council of Europe, took place an online working meeting of the national experts group (representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Superior Council of Magistracy and the General Prosecutor's Office) and the ad hoc working group of the Council of Europe for justice reform in the Republic of Moldova.

During the meeting were analyzed the necessary actions that should be taken, at the expert level, concerning the draft of the Strategy for Ensuring the Independence and Integrity of the Justice Sector for 2020-2023, also concerning the common opinion of the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) and the General Directorate for Human Rights and the Rule of Law of the Council of Europe. The discussions were focused on the constitutional amendments regarding the Superior Council of Magistracy, mainly, about the components and priorities of the process, the format and schedule of online public consultations, the mechanisms for drafting and promotion of law projects according to the field of strategic intervention.

In the context of ensuring a comprehensive transparency of all activities aimed to strengthen reforms in the justice sector, the Minister of Justice mr. Fadei Nagacevschi briefed the members of the CoE's ad hoc working group about current efforts made to develop and launch an online platform where all information and relevant documents will be published, accessible to the general public.

The Ministry of Justice remains committed firmly to continue and promote all reforms to ensure the independence and integrity of the justice sector in the Republic of Moldova.


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